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Default Brother not getting help he needs?

My mom doesnít want to admit that my brother has a problem. And itís frustrating. Heís morbidly obese and he hasnít seen a general physician since he was a teenager. Heís almost 30. My mom has no idea what he weighs yet we have an expensive working scale. My dad died of complications of diabetes. Iím pretty sure my brother has diabetes or is at least prediabetes. I donít get why she wonít take him to the doctor for a yearly check up that will be 100% paid for by insurance. He sees a therapist and a psychiatrist because he has autism and has OCD. Both are quacks. My mom realizes this but doesnít want to do anything about it. He slurs his speech and has difficulty speaking. Almost like MS or Parkinsonís or something. I tell her to take him to the doctor to rule out anything physical. Since I have always thought that is what you do first. Her answer is ďwell, I took him to a neurologist before.Ē Yeah. You took him when he was 10 and under. What good will that do him now? He had really bad epilepsy when he was a little. Could it be returning?

Every time I mention any of this to her she completely blows up at me. She is so over protective of him but doesnít want to do anything for some reason. Does anyone know why she wouldnít want to? Is she in denial or something?
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