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Default My Heart Whispers in the Wind...

My heart whispers in the wind for something it cannot comprehend…Waiting for a divine reply until I die…When will it end? The torture my mind puts me in.

Moments of peace and tastes of grace, feed the hope to make sense of this earthly place.

My heart whispers in the wind, while gusts of emotions fiendishly flurry, this mind every which way, in an aberrant hurry.

Clouds roll in, followed by a thick fog that envelopes the mind, leaving me lost and behind.

These sit bones labor to remain grounded in this earth, through each torrential tempest, as my mind relentlessly swirls and sways, leaving reality even farther away.

They say Love is sewn in the earth, as my blade of illusions insidiously severs these threads, leading me to believe I’d be better off dead.

Yet, I hear Love is a root of salvation that never ends. No longer a separate self, no torsion of ego, they say Love is felt by an open heart with a quiet mind, leading me endlessly venturing to find.

My heart whispers in the wind, reaching for branches that untwine, and searching for a guiding light that shines.

Yet, they say rooted in the dark earth, Love is unconditional, but here our hearts ache to seek the unequivocal.

My heart whispers in the wind, yearning and learning to resurface again, hoping to one day rest in the divine, where it can finally transcend.

My heart still whispers in the wind, believing it can one day realize peace and comprehend, this mysterious mind and space, inhabited by the human race.
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