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I try to keep myself busy outside of work, so I do sports, see my friends and, in general, do stuff I enjoy. Doing this stuff keeps me sane. Itís also worth mentioning that I do make sure I have the occasional quiet night in to allow myself to recharge. This being said, the amount of stuff I do probably does contribute to the levels of tiredness I feel, as I try to have something to do most nights of the week Ė not necessarily for the whole evening, but I dislike spending the whole evening sitting around at home, as I get bored/find it unproductive. Unless Iím so absolutely exhausted I feel I canít stand, Iíll still go out and do stuff, as I usually feel better for having done something.

My major problem is the fact that Iím not sleeping well Ė Iíve made a post before about consistently being woken up early in the morning, which constantly leaves me feeling worn out and like Iím chasing sleep for the rest of the week. I didnít really get anywhere with solving that issue either, so I just donít know what to do now. That previous post is HERE if anyone wants to view it.

I donít think thereís any medical issue at play here; I think I just do a lot of tiring activities and, despite my best efforts, I donít manage to get enough sleep to sort me out and, as Iíve mentioned, I feel the lack of sleep is the main issue here Ė even if I did less with my time, I still wouldnít be sleeping properly. Iíve been told I should try a sleep tracking app (or similar) to monitor how I actually sleep), so I might give that a go, but what else can I do? Should I be prepared to feel this tired for the next 8 months (until I can potentially move out of my current place)? Should I be prepared to feel this tired for the foreseeable future? Iím just sick of seeing myself looking so tired whenever I look in the mirror.
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