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Heart Success - Finding Stability Beyond Paranoid Psychosis

Attached is my writings from today regarding combating the momentum and effects of paranoid psychosis using selective text word searches.

This is what worked for me - it disabled all internal chaos and unwanted thought processes from attack thoughts to discouragement.

Below is the explanation of the Selective Text Word Search.
Download the file for the full writings of Finding Stability Beyond Paranoid Psychosis.

Selective Text Word Search-
Disarming the generators of the grand illusion within our minds.
By generating a word search online using firstly only healing, positive, comforting words, and introducing it to the dimension of our mind, or our mind to the dimension of it, we begin to selectively program our subconscious minds to adhere to our favorite selections.
Furthermore, when ready, one can add specific trigger words for fear, discomfort, anger, doubt, anxiety, etc. Once these words are spotted on the page, one acknowledges them, but doesn't highlight them, signalling to the subconscious to disregard the future appearance of.(in every, not just the word search dimension).
Over time, the mind re-attunes to a more natural state of balance.
By projecting our minds onto the word search, or the word search into our minds, we put our generators in the word search dimension.
This disarms them of their tools usually used against our psychology.
In this place, they aren't directly plugged into our minds, but they are still actively trying to generate.
This is where the selective focus and selective choosing starves the generators of fuel/fear. By disengaging the generators, we zap them of their fuel, which causes them to dwindle in the moment. Each moment that they arise, we can open the word search dimension again to combat the generator.

Hold the Selective Text Word Search dimension in your mind anytime you need to cleanse from negativity.
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