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Default Re: Those Stories You Want to Tell

When I was younger I used to say really stupid things I thought were clever, then people would tell me off for being stupid and tell me "you're not clever". Now I just keep my mouth shut because whatever I say will be wrong. Others will look at me strangely and tell me I'm stupid or "not clever", though I don't try to be clever now. But it's just pointless bothering to say anything. It's easier to stay quiet and ignore people.

One time when I was about 12 I was in a shop with my mum, gran and uncle. My uncle made a joke I thought was hilarious but my mum and gran hadn't heard so I kept repeating it to them. They totally ignored me as usual, and eventually I gave up, got annoyed and embarrassed at the same time. So if nobody says anything, they will at least ignore me. Which is embarrassing.
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