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Default Re: Returning to University with mental illness

I am 44 and in university. I started eight years ago part-time, took a few courses, and then took some time off. I decided at the end of last year that I wanted to do my degree. I started this past January. I am doing really, really well in most of my classes and really, really struggling in a couple others. Is doing part-time an option? I have to stay full-time to be eligible for student loans, but if I could do part-time it would be a lot less stressful.
Remember it's not all you, too. There are really ****** profs that are determined to make university as miserable an experience as possible. There are profs that just don't teach the way you learn. Is there a learning centre in your university that you can access? Your university should have lots of resources - definitely don't be afraid to tap into them!
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