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School is getting harder, alot more is expected of you and my son is having a hard time and I am having an even harder... School support is good, always has been. Was diagnosed at 5 and going to the same school. We are 7 to 8 weeks in to the new school year, teacher seems good, haven't had a 1 on 1 yet, but it's coming cause 1st reports are coming out soon.. not gonna be good.. I know it.
Forgetting to bring homework home, choosing not to bring home and or finish at school, he is struggling.. losing his work. I know these are traits of ADHD, alot more is expected of you. My son has an EAP program with some exceptions, but is very bright.. I feel sometimes he is making these choices, is that wrong of me? He dosen't want to do the work.. no effort, wants 1 on 1 constantly and school cannot give it... We have taken away his privledges and extra fun things, laptop, ipad, xbox.. I feel it does not matter, it dosen't phase him... I need to learn how to better handle this and come up with some new strategies.. any suggestions, comments?
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