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Default Sexual harassment

I have experienced a lot of sexual harassment in my area.i get sexually harassed by stranger men on the bus,metro link train & near where I see a counselor.i have had guys say sexual things to me as i am just minding my own business on a bench in a public place.I have had guys ask me if they can come home with me & have sex with them.have had guys grab my *** in public.tell me they want to make babies with me etc.because of this i have trust issues with men & have not had sex in 8 & half years.i want to be in a relationship but start off as friends first.but the few guy friends i have are either not my type,have girlfriends or we are just in the friend zone & they do not like me like the way i like counselor who's a male is trying to get me to do online dating.that is how he meet his wife who he married 2 months ago.i did try online dating but i had creepy unattractive guys acting inappropriate towards me on 2 dating apps & i deleted my profiles after just a month or i didn't get many replies or when i did get a lot of replies i was asked for nudes,how often i have sex etc.i just want to be respected & find a loving relationship.i don't hate men but i have trust issues do to sexual harassment & from a bad relationship i was in 20 years ago
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