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Default Re: Welcome to Kudos and Affirmations!

I posted this in the Welcome section. I think this is positive enough to post here. Thank you.

Hi. I'm a newbie. I like what I see so far. Non-judgemental. Oh, for a place where your not judged for being weak, stupid, lazy, "mental," crazy, wacked, You know, the ignorance list goes on and on.

I've learned over the years, 65 of them, that we are none of those things. We are really wonderful people caught up in the more difficult issues of life. Life can be a B----, don't ya think? But there is hope, always. Never let go of hope. It's gotten me a long ways.

Well, my life has been spent fighting major depression. Beginning with a mom who hated me and convinced me I was a piece of sh--, and a dad, whom I loved, that started sexually abusing me at the age of 13. Whew! Can that mess with your mind. I had to learn it wasn't my fault. That's one of the biggies, not to continue with self-blame. Are we to blame for diabeties, cancer, MS, etc? No, neither are we to blame for our illnesses.

Hospitalizations? Galore!!! Suicideation? From a 1 to 10 on the scale. Self-harm? Who else to punish? Relationship problems? Laugh with me. Gender identy disorder? Please, tell me who I am!

Actually, after 28 years of therapy and never letting go of hope, I am doing quite well. Joy and happiness? ummm, not a lot. But I've finally reached a level to say I am content with my life. The biggest problem I'm dealing with right now is people. LOL... How well we would be if it weren't for people.

Take animals for instance. How wonderful and comforting they are. But there are good people out there, you just have to pick through the hay to find them. I'm joking. It's not that bad for me now. I've accepted society, I just like living in the mountains with the animals.

I was depressed when I tuned in to this site. I feel better now that I've vented. Good thing.

Thanks for listening. Yes I can tend to preach. Sorry. I have Soap-box syndrome.
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