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Default Re: What do I do for pain?

Originally Posted by -jimi- View Post
Back, muscle pain mostly I think, knee joints, toe joints, stiff all over like fingers also.

Hemp oil is illegal, can't tolerate any anti-seizure med but yea I take Naproxen when I really need to. I have to be careful though since my esophagus is very raw and I can't take any stronger antacids.

The yoga and physio still helps the most. I shouldn't complain, people have it worse. I just miss walking, after a while my back starts locking up.
I remember talking to you on the food threads here a lot, so i looked back there to see what you were doing now, because my first instinct was to ask what your diet was. Have you tried cutting out the milk? I pretty much have, and i think im feeling better. I do try to have two servings of veg per day, and two of fruit. The rest is tuna and candy. J/k, i wish! But pretty close!
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