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Default Thanks a lot movies

It seems I have a problem with movies and TV constantly (I love them but they insult me on so many levels). It's just with autism portrayals I feel stupid no matter what. There seems to be 2 different types of autistic people in the media. The blunt creep (this type isn't necessarily stupid but aren't really painted as intelligent either) and the quirky genius who's shy around the opposite sex. I feel both are equally me personally. It feels like society expects me to either be an asshole or a prodigy. And I'm neither so there's not place for me anywhere. I wouldn't consider myself completely dysfunctional in social situations. But they make me really anxious, I can't tell when someone is being genuine or not, I seldom know how to react to jokes so I just sit quietly in the corner and come off as rude. I'm not trying to be rude. And I don't spit out everything that runs through my head regardless of how rude it is, you know like in movies. I'm not really smart either....I'm actually really stupid. Doesn't seem to matter whatever...There's just no room for real people when the expectations come from poorly thought out fiction.
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