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Default Re: Is true recovery ever possible?

Not ever 100%, at least not for me. Maybe for some others. Even doing well, at a stable weight, not having relapsed for years, having fewer ED thoughts, it never has completely gone away for me...sigh. I do get to points where I have fewer ED thoughts/ED guilt, and definitely many times where I don't act on ED thinking, but it always lurks.

Festers and then comes out again when life gets hard. I was diagnosed at 19, and I am 40 now, struggling out of a relapse due to tons of stress right now...

And I never think I'm thin enough.

I feel guilt every New Year's Eve when I don't make a New Year's Resolution to diet and exercise like everyone on Facebook is doing, the large jump in walkers and joggers in my neighborhood, all the weight loss ads on TV and the radio. Ugh.
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