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I've been raising my daughter on my own since she was 3. She's now 10 and thankfully seems to be growing into a lovely young girl. I've been suffering with depression for a few years now and have always been able to stick the mask on in front of her, so she hopefully sees that things are OK. We have a wonderful, close relationship and this should be enough for me, but I'm finding things so difficult.

The pressure of having to do everything on my own is increasingly harder and harder. She's full of hormones and being on the receiving end of grunts and sulking isn't great, she talks all the time about all sorts of things and sometimes I just want to be quiet for a while. If I try and get some time alone she takes it personally and ends up in a terrible mood. We're always together, and everything is always down to me to sort out and I just cant cope any more. My friends have their own lives and I really feel like I would be burdening them with Mt **** if I told them how I felt. I feel like I don't deserve their help anyway, I should be able to manage on my own.

I don't want to feel like this but right now I can't see a way out
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