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Default Re: Weight Loss and exercise

I was dehydrated last night and I think some scale bouncing plays into it also because I am not sure I drank enough water to account for it, but I am back at 157. Digital scales do "remember" recent weights for a bit and repeat them when another weighing is very close. When you look close at an analog scale, it always wavers a little as you shift weight by leaning to look or even just breathing. A digital scale has the same issue so after wavering a bit, it just picks a mid range number to show you. Then if you weigh again right away, it uses the same number again if the weight is very close. It's mostly to avoid the perception that something is wrong with the scale. Anyway, if you happen to shift around to get a low weight, it tends to repeat it. I try to clear that by weighing with something that weighs a couple of pounds so it "learns" a new weight but I am not sure that always works like I think.

Long winded way of saying I believe the 157 pounds from today is accurate.
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