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Default Re: I think the time is coming...

“She decided.. to have nothing to do with me for several years”

This sounds similar to a PU I had... it really sucks. . However it’s “their decision” and I too have seriously considered removing myself from this reality. But I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that for the (few maybe) who do care. Also the “reality” of the removal likely being... messy at best. I haven’t completely given up on the “dream” that things might “get better” for me. I haven’t given up on working on fuzzy bear. I think my PUs and others were and are more disordered than I ever was..

But I do know I’ll never be traditionally “normal” ...

I like this quote someone sent to me “every saint has a past, every sinner has a future”

(I’m not a fan of thinking about “the future” and much less talking about it, debating it etc.. but I do like this quote. I’m on the “one day at a time” bus, it’s the only thing that “works” even somewhat for me.

(Those who painted me black were... mistaken )
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