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Default Re: Frantic emotional eating

Hi SoftGrey . Welcome to Psych Central. I am sorry you feel compelled to eat.

I was always hungry when I was on a high carb low protein diet. I was given a diet for Hypoglycemia which was high protein and low carb. My appetite lessened over time. What I think was happening was my body was over producing insulin when I ate big carb meals and lowered my blood sugar so I was always hungry.

I now eat foods like tofu (soy curd), scrambled egg white (high in protein), yogurt and or milk. For sweetening I use a banana instead of maple syrup or sugar. I experimented with high protein diet where I had low carb snack or meal every 3 hours and it really helped me feel more energetic and less hungry.

Carbs tend to be a way that people gain weight although peanut butter, sweetened cereals and other high calorie foods can make maintaining present weight challenging. Check with your doctor if you are on a medically prescribed doctor before changing or experimenting with different diet.
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