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Originally Posted by Ivee View Post
Hi, you would not be asking that question if you were an narc. Everyone has a certain amount of "healthy" narcissism, that is normal. Unfortunately "narcissism" is a term that is too loosely tossed about these days (albeit they do appear to be on the increase, no idea why) As a result of the term being bandied about so frequently, people become dismissive of a person who can spot an narc a mile away and attempt to warn that person of eminent danger.

Real narcs are extremely dangerous people. Their acts are evil. They lack so much and are so inwardly unhappy, seething, full of hatred. They have the need to cover this up (especially to themselves). They have a desperate need to come across and feel they are superior, they are the walking wounded, if extreme soulless individuals with deep seated lack.

They often seek sympathy and suck it up like Dracula at the blood bank. They cannot get enough narcissistic supply. They have no issue using whoever they can to fulfill their needs but just as quickly dump and in fact denigrate those same generous, kind people when he or she is finished with them.

If you upset them, they may destroy you, at the least you will pay a penalty. A hint of disapproval will inflict narcissistic injury, which will be met with disproportionate reprisals.

Narcs are not simply self-centered, egocentric people; although these characteristics are part of their profile, but these characteristics and so many more to the extreme.
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