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Default Re: Good and Bad Karma

Originally Posted by TheLonelyChemist View Post
No I don't believe in karma or anything that "governs" the universe. It's simply not feasible. Negative energy comes to you? Of course, only if you do the wrong things. Other than that, nothing really that ties with karma. I am sorry you had to go through all this.

Edit : I don't mean you're to blame that you've been abused, but I mean you simply cross the path of wrong men, they abused you. I am not saying having faith is bad... if karma was true, I would have been in medical college by now. Or even an engineering college. Who knows? Born to better parents?
Thank u for your thoughts and sentiments. We disagree but thatís ok. I do believe my abuse was due to negative karma. But itís over now, thankfully, which is what matters most!!
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