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Originally Posted by BeesWaxCrayon View Post
I stayed the night in psych ER and my paperwork said : dx adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct. What does all that mean?
here in america it just means you have short term episodes of reacting to stress in not so good ways and out of proportion of what the problem is..

example (not saying this is you just using a common situation for human beings to show example)

person number 1 says... how are you?
person number 2 is stressed out and reacts by flipping out.... How am I, how am I what do you care, your just an....get the h//// away from me, how am I what kind of question is that any way, how am I, Im p'o'ed ok thats how I am now get the F... away from me...and threatened to harm their self over being asked how they are.

person number 1.... ok ok relax all I did was asked you a simple question you dont have to flip out on me all you had to do is say you dont want to talk right now. (shakes his head because he is confused to why person number 2 flipped out over being asked a simple question.)

in other words they are just saying you had a problem and they felt your reaction was a bit more than what most people would do. its normal for people to react but for some people having big huge reactions to things is not their normal.
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