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Default Re: who else has an ED no one sees?

You say an eating disorder no one sees but maybe people see it but keep it to themselves as they don't know what to say. Would you want them nagging at you to eat--I don't know if that does a person any good. It's the person with the eating disorder that needs to take the initiative and try and do what is best for all.

I think all of us can say we have an eating disorder no one sees because we may not talk about it but people have an idea that something is wrong; at least those who really care do, I think and I hope.

I know you have started getting help with a new T and that is a great step for you. I really hope you will be able to overcome this difficult disorder. I had it for years and never told anyone. Now I have a different diagnosis of ED. I have made a decision that I'm going to try and do what it takes to beat this--of course there will be set backs as there always are but progress isn't easy but it's better than the other choice.
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