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Default Re: 45 y/o only now got diagnosed... Alas.

That's funny, I've been a ski instructor, worked in fine arts (assistant, printmaker, and gallery, all in NY and with top people,) a bike mechanic, an executive assistant, been the owner of a small manufacturing company, inside sales, welder/fabricator, and most recently an Occupational Therapy practitioner.
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Ughhh... this really makes me question my bipolar diagnosis. This is exactly me. I think my psych is starting to agree based on my lack of response to mood stabilizers. But youíve just described my life. AND the Wellbutrin which I was put on for depression has not helped that... but it sure has staved my typical forays into new hobbies and distractions and spontaneity (not to mention the creativity). Iíve had a shocking number of disparate jobs from molecular biologist to photographer to boat captain to Bladesmith and now Iím at an all time low working in a foundry.
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