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Default Re: The trouble of comparing scores

Originally Posted by rise13eyond View Post
I feel like a paper cut trying to get into the ER next to someone with a concussion.
I totally understand this feeling. I have had times where this described exactly how I felt but I couldn't even put it into words like you just did.

(warning - science brain taking over here so feel free to stop if it's too much, I will not be offended)

One thing I wanted to say/point out/bring up... it's not only how severe the symptoms are when it comes to mental illness, it's also how they affect our daily lives. Two people can have the same level of depression, but one has a much lower functioning. Or someone who is suicidal could be functioning, getting to appts, eating, etc while someone who is depressed but not suicidal has lost the motivation to do those things.

At my pdoc, I fill out a questionnaire, one of the standard ones rating depression, and the last question after the 0-3 rating part, is "how difficult do these things make your daily activities?" or something along those lines. Someone with a lower score on the first part could say severe here while I, with a higher score, say mild or moderate, hypothetically. To the pdoc, that puts the two of us at the same level, roughly.

Hope that makes sense... sorry for the analytical brain taking over...
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