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Default Don't know if I'm on the spectrum but here's a story/example

In general, when I was younger all the way into my early 20s (I'm in my mid 30s now), I struggled with eye contact, touching, expressing emotion according to how others expect it to be expressed. I also have a monotone speaking style and apparently speak too loudly--sometimes.

With that said, I have a story to tell and I'm wondering if this can represent an example of some atypical/spectrum matter.

The story is sort of embarrassing but mostly because I didn't realize how embarrassing it could be for other people. Years after this story, it dawned on me that my behaviour was unusual. I feel bad that it took me years to see that.

The story is simple and brief:

I was in my early 20s. I was with a woman who was essentially a friend. It's possible that she flirted with me. I am definitely not someone who entirely understands flirting. She was at my place. I stepped away for a moment. Came back to a room where she was. She was completely naked. It seemed she took her clothes off in the living room.

I did not touch her. I didn't do anything. I was confused. I didn't realize that she was expressing love/sex/stuff. I didn't understand. At least not immediately. I was mostly confused or felt like she _accidentally_ got naked? It was the living room of my home so that doesn't make sense.

Years later it dawned on me that she wanted to have sex and that she probably felt very embarrassed.


It's things like this that make me wonder if I'm on the spectrum. I care about this topic because I want to continue improving the way I interact with people especially women. I am in my 30s and I don't believe I understand flirting other than a cold clinical assessment of it.

Thoughts on this story? Does anyone relate?
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