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Crazy Re: Stigma around Learning Disabilities

My learning disorder is likely NVLD with neuropsychology test showing performance IQ lower than verbal IQ by 26 points. So visual learning and visual spatial ability is not as strong as verbal learning. Made good grades in college and never needed more time for exams. Went to tutoring for college algebra and chemistry. Studied hard and earned 3.9 in graduate school and didnít finish thesis and later on took graduate courses again and did finish my masters degree. Still Iím very book smart, yet struggle greatly socially. Itís a great handicap to me. I can kick butt academically, great memory, like to exercise, enjoy hiking and like people, just not good at interaction, and dating. Went on a first date and did everything wrong it seemed, nervous and let the guy pay and should offered to go Dutch, and it was a noisy environment, difficult to even talk. Argh.
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