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Smile Re: Help! Full blown ADHD up after approved weight loss & no ADHD medications!

I'm sorry I don't know anything about this. But you mentioned your age. And I hate to see an older member's post go unreplied to. So I thought I would just leave a quick note wishing you well.

You mentioned your doctor. I don't know if you're seeing a psychiatrist in addition to a medical practitioner. If not, I would think that might be something to consider. My personal, non-professional, thinking would be that there may be no direct relationship between losing weight & having all of the problems you're experiencing. However since you're off your ADHD-related medication, & perhaps you're experiencing some stress related to the need to lose weight, these 2 factors may be causing you to develop some compulsive habits.

I personally doubt that losing 20 more pounds, in-&-of itself, would cause what you are experiencing to worsen. However the additional stress of trying to lose that much more weight could I would suppose. I myself am 70! And I know, in my own case, I have a lot lower tolerance for stress than I did when I was younger. At least these are my thoughts with regard to your post.
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