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Default Re: Those Stories You Want to Tell

He was standing in line- because his wife asked him to. She had gotten her hotdog, but was standing in another line for popcorn, when she decided she was too hungry to wait- she caught his attention, and now he was standing in line while she was sitting down and eating her hotdog.

Did the people around him realize that he hadn't cut into the line? As he walked up to take her place, she was stepping out of line to offer assistance to someone who needed a napkin. "I was right there", she said, and then she walked off. He felt very uncomfortable... Why couldn't he have made a quick quip to put people at ease? Something like, "I'm not taking cuts! I'm just taking over for my wife!" Now it was too late, and he could feel their eyes burning into his back. Oh, well, it would soon be over, he would have the popcorn and he could return to his seat.
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