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Default Re: 45 y/o only now got diagnosed... Alas.

Originally Posted by mossanimal View Post
Ughhh... this really makes me question my bipolar diagnosis. This is exactly me. I think my psych is starting to agree based on my lack of response to mood stabilizers. But youíve just described my life. AND the Wellbutrin which I was put on for depression has not helped that... but it sure has staved my typical forays into new hobbies and distractions and spontaneity (not to mention the creativity). Iíve had a shocking number of disparate jobs from molecular biologist to photographer to boat captain to Bladesmith and now Iím at an all time low working in a foundry.
mossanimal, I have a cousin who was misdiagnosed for years as bipolar, and was eventually diagnosed as ADHD by her PCP, when she was 40 years of age. I know this probably is not a common experience, especially with a primary care physician, but as soon as her meds were switched to treat her ADHD (adderall), her life dramatically changed for the better! I am not a doctor, or counselor, but have heard of so many occasions were a person's struggle with ADHD was perceived or manifested itself as anxiety, depression, ocd, and even bipolar.

I thought I should share, since I witnessed it firsthand. I don't know your situation, but I do wish you the best.
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