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Default Re: What kind of ADHD is this?

humpalumpa, I am not sure what "type" of ADHD you describe about yourself, but I can actually identify with many things you mentioned. It is almost scary how some things you describe were as if you were spying on me or reading my mail (it hit that close to home, though I know you weren't stalking me). Actually, it was your first post that prompted me to join this online community (something I typically don't do).

I am diagnosed as ADHD (primarily inattentive) with some anxiety on the side. I see ADHD as a really tricky thing, especially since it's often not certain what's driving what, as far as co-morbid issues are concerned. I have found that most all of my issues, somehow or another, are driven by my ADHD - usually some kind of coping mechanism to satisfy my high intellect, under-stimulated brain (I am a little uncomfortable referring to myself as high intellect).

I plan to return to this particular thread, so that I can better explain and share my experience (it may take me a bit to explain it, with all my over-analyzing, procrastinating perfectionism). I don't know how helpful it will be, but I think you may find it shocking how very similar our issues actually are.

Thank you for your post.
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