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Default Re: Iíve gained weight...

I'm so sorry. I'm having problems again with getting too thin. What is the opinion of your doctor? Even your PCP? Mine flat out told me X weight is the low end of normal for your height & bone size & X weight is the high end of normal. And beyond X weight is so super dangerous, we'd put you right in the hospital. I guess I was lucky in that way?

I remember having that experience after I recovered from the severe anorexia I had in college. The first thing everyone would say when they saw me again was, "You've gained weight. You're looking good." Even someone saying to me I looked better meant I had gained weight and hence I was fat.

If your weight is considered normal for your height by your PCP (just flat-out ask them), you should stop trying to lose weight and maintain. If you know your weight, there are height/weight charts all over the internet you can look up what is considered normal.

Though I hate scales. I really do.
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