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Default I think I might have Aspergers

I considered the possibility that I may have Asperger's traits many years ago, then I rejected the idea.

My current counselor keeps hinting that she sees traits.

And I took these online quizzes (with results):
Autism Spectrum Quotient Your score was 33 out of a possible 50. Scores in the 33-50 range indicate significant Austistic traits.

Empathy Quotient Your score was 18 out of a possible 80. Scores of 30 or less indicate a lack of empathy common in people with Autism or Aspergerís Syndrome.

Emotional Intelligence Quiz | Greater Good Magazine Your Score: 16/20

Nice work. You seem naturally well-attuned to others' emotions--a vital skill for forming compassionate connections. You scored above average but still have room for growth; research suggests that people can improve their emotion recognition skills with practice. So keep an eye out for our forthcoming empathy training tool, designed to boost your emotional intelligence
I'm 51 years old and I do find myself feeling resentment because I was (sometimes intentionally) misunderstood and just mocked by a lot of people- mostly just for being, acting, talking in a way that was different from the crowd.

I see myself as having odd speech patterns and some clumsiness... I have always thought I see the world differently than most- and all these qualities have earned me the scorn of my peers. I've never had many friends, and I find it difficult to socialize.
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