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My doctor has put me on Lamictal. We are slowly (emphasis on slowly) tapering up from 25 mg to 200 mg.

This would now be my 6th medication, which I will discuss with her next time because this is honestly ridiculous. Six?
-> Antidepressant(s)- yes help with OCD and mood to some extent though on 3 of them.
-> Mood stabilizer- yes, that is clearly necessary.
-> Antipsychotic #1- Seroquel does help me sleep with the nasty side effect of having me eat everything salty or sweet I can get my hands on. She has lowered it to 50 as 100 mg is not even an efficient (therapeutic) dosage with regards to mood stabilizing.
-> Antipsychotic #2- Fluanxol was prescribed for body dysmorphia about a year and a half ago, but wouldn't the antidepressants help for that?

I see potential for at least the Fluanxol to be dropped and the Seroquel to be phased out. four is still a bit much, but better than six.
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