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Default Re: I think the time is coming...

Thanks, Skeezyks. I understand that attitude "You're not required to like it. You're just required to do it." May have been fairly common in our day. And in my childhood and early years, that's what I did, too. Could even not eat very much, trying to diet as a teenager. But then I got so thin my parents took me to a doctor, who referred me to a psychiatrist, and the rest of my story as a "mental patient" is history.

I really appreciate your post, and lots of other posts that you contribute on PC. I know that I'll be removed from this level of reality eventually, too. I decided not to try it about 18 years ago when it seemed that my life was of no use to me or my adult children. Still think that that would have been the rational thing to do, but since "they say" that it hurts the survivors, my daughter especially would have felt "hurt" and put upon even though she decided several years later to have nothing to do with me for several years. Still, though, she made that decision, not me, so maybe it was just as well for me not to be gone, so that she could reject me. . .and then eventually things have gotten better. Strange level of reality, this one. Maybe I'll meet you in the next, if there is one.
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