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Default Re: Acupuncture for addiction

Thank Gus*

Lovely image.

Well acupuncture yesterday was mixed.

It's normally a really nice environment, low lights and soothing music. But then this one woman came in with a 2 week old baby. She put the baby in the room where the techs are, but it immediately started screaming. Trust me a screaming baby is not conducive to relaxation. I didn't want to complain, because I felt bad for the mother, but it was really annoying. After about half an hour another woman complained and they made mom and baby leave.

Then I only had another 15 min., before I had to leave to go to another group, and I was too stressed to relax.

But it did totally remove my cravings, which was awesome. I even went out with a friend for Italian, which would normally make me want to drink, and didn't have the slightest urge.

I had them put the seeds in my ears, to help with cravings today, and I'm going to go back for another acupuncture session tomorrow.

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