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Default Re: a nice story for the littles

once their was a girl called ella.

ella loved her toys, especially her stuffed teddybear, teddy

well, it was nearly time for school and her mother thought it was high time that ella get rid of teddy.

teddy overheard this, and feeling a bit upset, left ella's bed, went downstairs, and walked out of her house.

soon the teddy found a bird.

" hi," said the teddy. " I'm a teddybear, and I'm looking for a place to sleep."

" no problem," said the bird. " you can try my nest."

but the nest was too high for the bear, and he got scared.

so the teddybear went off in search of somewhere else.

soon he found a pig

" hi," said theb ear. " I'm a teddy, and I'm looking for somewhere to sleep!".

" why not try them ud?" the pig asked.

the teddy did just that, but found it was too dirty and decided he didn't like it, and would try to find somewhere else.

the next animal he met was a duck.

" you should try my pond" said the duck

the bear tried the pond, but found it too wet.

so he moved on

soon he found a horse

" try the hay," said the horse

the bear tried the hay, but found that it was too low down

so on he went

soon he met a cow

" try my barn," said the cow.

the bear tried it, but it was too noisy for him to rest.

soon it was evening and the bear had found foundn owhere to sleep.

so wet, tired and dirty, teddy made his way back to ella's house

he knew that ella's mother didn't want him in the house anymore, but he had no choice.

when he arived back at the house, ellas mother picked him up and gave him a hug

" I should have never said ella was too old for you, she'll be so happy you're home."

she smiled down at teddy

" so Am i," she laughed.
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