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Default Re: a nice story for the littles

once their was a little girl called amy.

amy lived with her mother, her father, and her goldfish

well, one day amy noticed that the goldfish wasn't eating

" maybe it's lonely," said her mother. " let's take it to the aquarium, and see if we can find a friend for your goldfish."

in the first room they saw some sharks

amy shook her head.

" no," she said. " that shark looks too big and too dangerous."

in the next room amy and her family saw a frog

again, amy shook her head.

" no," she said. " the frog is not a good friend for the goldfish."

in the next room, amy saw some crabs.

" would these be a good friend for your fish?" asked her father

" no," said amy. " not the crabs."

in the last room of the aquarium they found a dolphin.

amy shook her head. " no," she said.

as they left, amy ran in to her best friend, sophie.

sophie was carrying something in her hand.

" what's that?" amy asked sophie.

" it's my pet goldfish charlie!". sophie said.
the 2 goldfish started to swim about and look at each other

" he likes charlie," sophie said. " and you and your goldfish can come and visit charlie when ever you like."

amy's parents smiled

so they did find a friend for her goldfish after all.
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