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Default Re: a nice story for the littles

as promised ages ago, here is an update to this thread

once apon a time their lived a family- a mother, a father, 2 children and a dog

well, the dog, custard, loved food- and was always hungry.

one day after he had eaten his bone, custard decided to go for a walk

the first place he visited was the hotdog stand.

custard stood up and pointed at the hotdog

" okay custard," said the owner, laughing. " you can have a hotdog", and he through one towards him, which custard caught with his mouth.

after he ate it, he was still hungry so he decided to go to the icecream stand

the owner of the stand was pleased to see him, and gave him lots of icecream- chocolate, strawberry, lemon, but his favorite was vanilla.

after all that icecream, custord was still a hungry dog, so he decided to visit his friend patch in her cafe.

all the people in the cafe gave the dog some of their food- bacon and sausage, toast and potatoes, even chicken and fish.

after that, custord felt full and decided to make his way home

on his way home he passed another dog with a big bowl of nice looking biscuits. but custard didn't want any, he was too full

as he was about to tap on the window for his family to let him in, custoard saw a nice looking cake on the floor.

" I might not want the cake," thought the dog, " but my family might want it.", so he grabbed it in his mouth.

when he got in, the mother saw the cake he was carying and told him he was a good dog, and she'd been looking for that cake everywhere

the cake said, in big letters, " happy birthday custord!"

but custord was too full to eat any of his birthday cake, so he let his family enjoy it.

he didn't mind he couldn't have any cake though.

he knew a bakery that did fine cakes and cookies

he would visit it tomorrow..
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