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Default Re: Depression and How to Make Binge Eating Stop?

I have had a lifelong war with compulsive overeating. what helped me was to ddrill down down down down to the core problem that started the overeating. It started when I was 5. And until I started drilling down, I didn't even remember the trauma. But I do now! I had to process the trauma and learn how every time I had anything at all happen to me that even started to be similar to the original trauma, my subconscious thought it was happening all over again and would trigger the eating again. I also learned that recovery from overeating is not a straight line, and I will have cycles of overeating followed by eating healthy. My job is to make the periods of eating healthy last longer and the periods of overeating cut shorter. I deal with eating healthy and the weight becomes secondary. For me true freedom is not the weight loss but the not being chained to constantly cramming food down my throat. Hope this helps.
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