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Default Re: Need your input please

[QUOTE=Skeezyks;6199998]Well... you know we here on PC cannot diagnose you. That is a job for a mental health professional. Anything any of us, here on PC, might say is only going to be a guess based on limited information.

I know you mentioned you see a psychiatrist. But I wonder if you also see a therapist. Perhaps it's different where you live. But where I live all most psychiatrists do is to prescribe & monitor psych med's. Any-&-all efforts related to mental health therapy are left to therapists. So, if you're not seeing a therapist, perhaps that is another component of the healing process you might want to consider.

Here are links to 4 articles, from PsychCentral's archives. The first two are on the subject of living day-to-day with bipolar disorder & then with BPD. The third is a quiz you can take to help you determine if you might, in fact, have BPD. And then the fourth is a longer BPD-related test:

I know this is not a place where one can be diagnosed, just looking for input ;-)

Thank you for sending the links... Very helpful. Scoring a 10 (although not a diagnosis) and reading the articles helps me see how symptoms of BPD are similar to my symptoms related to Bipolar.

I see a general practioner, not psychiatrist because of insurance issues, but she worked in psych for many years prior to her switch and I am very comfortable and confident in her treatment program. I currently don't have an official therapist or scheduled sessions due to insurance, but my best friend and adopted mother is a therapist so we converse when I need to.

I'm afraid to bring up my concern of another mental illness with my Dr because what if she doesn't believe me or thinks I'm searching for 1? I'm merely trying to find the missing pieces and treat them because I feel like something is off. I believe I do have Bipolar disorder, but other symptoms don't fit (I understand not everyone fits each disorder perfectly). I believe I need other/more specific treatment plan and maybe a different medication regimen.

Does this make sense to anyone here?
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