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Well... you know we here on PC cannot diagnose you. That is a job for a mental health professional. Anything any of us, here on PC, might say is only going to be a guess based on limited information.

I know you mentioned you see a psychiatrist. But I wonder if you also see a therapist. Perhaps it's different where you live. But where I live all most psychiatrists do is to prescribe & monitor psych med's. Any-&-all efforts related to mental health therapy are left to therapists. So, if you're not seeing a therapist, perhaps that is another component of the healing process you might want to consider.

Here are links to 4 articles, from PsychCentral's archives. The first two are on the subject of living day-to-day with bipolar disorder & then with BPD. The third is a quiz you can take to help you determine if you might, in fact, have BPD. And then the fourth is a longer BPD-related test:

I wish you well...
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