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Default Re: somatization disorder

I think that you do have bruxism and TMJ, my mom has had it her whole life and I have had it for probably 10 years or so. The doctor didn't know anything about it because it is technically dental. You should find a good dentist, preferably one that specializes in TMJ/TMD. I cannot afford a special bite splint from the dentist (my mom got one and it changed her life) so I just use the ones from the store. The package does warn that you shouldn't use it if you have TMJ but my dentist said it was basically the same thing so the warning is just a formality. If I were you I would consult with your dentist and go from there since I am not a dentist or doctor and cannot give you medical advice, just like the stupid sleep guard package. Lol.

Originally Posted by elevatedsoul View Post
can somatization make you have bruxism?
of even PTSD ? ( i mean i have traumas and stuff but im just speculating...?)

or is it just some weird anomaly type pains

like i have tried to talk to the doc about my jaws... i believe i have TMD or TMJ ... because i have all of that stuff going on ... when i was younger they got locked shut 2 times... and they would pop and click everytime i moved my mouth... until they started popping harder and painfully and now it feels a little numb... it doesnt click like it used to but if i open my mount you can hear sounds like the jaw bone dislocating from the jaw joint... and thats what it feels like to me... the doc said he didnt know anything about it... (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ, TMD))

but since i had teeth (as a baby) i would grind them in my sleep so maybe its just from the chronic teeth grinding....

i generally feel different types of pain though, things i know are just like... well, no way something happening to me to make me feel like that, i dont think?
like being stabbed in the side... or crushed from above, or like im just being squeezed tight... or like spears sticking through me at different points...
its usually a small combination of different weird things... i just thought it was depression though, i thought everyone with depression felt pain....

can somatization cause Dissociation? or time percetion distortion? derealization?
maybe even psychosis?
repress memories? repress years?

:/ apreciate any imfo
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