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Default Depression and How to Make Binge Eating Stop?

Since I was diagnosed with depression a few years back, I started overeating to kill the emotional pain and emptiness I was suffering from. Now Iím not obese but Iím clearly overweight which is negatively affecting my self esteem. Iím still suffering from depression up until now and every time I try to eat healthy and lower my caloric intake I donít last more than a few days only to relapse very soon and get back to binge eating whenever I feel angry, sad or depressed. I donít know what to do. I read a lot of articles online about mindful eating but like I said I donít last more than a couple days doing so. I did try to go on different diets but the same thing would happen over and over again. Itís just become a hard habit for me break to indulge in food. Does anyone here have a success story about overcoming binge eating while being depressed?
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