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Default Re: Welcome to the Narcissistic Personality Disorder forum

Hi I'm new to this forum but I really need some help. I've been inactive relationship for nearly 2 years with a man I now believe has NPD. I've read loads of stuff about it and all the things mentioned sounds a hell of a lot like him and the way he behaves but I need to be sure because I don't know if it's just plain old jealousy and insecurity or real narcissism.
He's very jealous and true to control me even down to how I wear my clothes , I'm not allowed to talk to certain men at work ( we work together) he's always accusing me of cheating , he doesn't like me going out without him , he belittles me and makes out I'm incapable and that I can't manage with out him. He believes he's the best at everything and talks over me if I'm talking in crowed . When he sees I'm upset it's like he looks right through me and doesn't seem to care. He looks down on some of the management at our work place too and I think he feels threatened by other men in power or attractive men. There is lots more but it would fill this entire page !!
I want to end the relationship but I feel awful because he's done a lot for me financially. Please advise if I'm right or being unfair. Thank you
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