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Default Re: Welcome to our Substance/Alcohol Abuse Support Group

Thank you for opening this section

I'm addicted to coffee! I know this is minor compared to alcohol, drugs, & such, but it's an addiction nonetheless, & it's closely related to my OCD, depression, & boredom...

I don't drink alcohol, because I'm Muslim. I don't even know how it tastes. But for those here who think that it's impossible not to drink alcohol, believe me, it is very possible... there are millions of people around the world who get born & die without tasting alcohol for once in their whole lives!

Perhaps, it would be more helpful if you live among people who don't drink alcohol, & avoid bars & places where alcohol is provided You could even come stay in the Middle East for a while, for vacation... you'll have a hard time finding or buying alcohol here, even if you want to! but coffee though... that's another problem!

My heart goes & beats with all the beautiful people who posted here... if you want to get rid of substance abuse, you also have to grow confidence in yourself, know that you're truly beautiful, & you deserve to enjoy a better life... change the people around you who may be hurting you, change your conditions: your boring job, apply to school, immerse yourself in a new sport or social activity, discover a new hobby, go on vacation or go hiking in beautiful free nature... change your whole life, as substance abuse is a sign of depression & boredom... your mind telling you this is not the life you deserve or want, this is not your happiness

I'm supposed to say this to myself too
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