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Default Help me understand my boyfriend please

Hello. I just had a baby with my boyfriend or I would just leave this relationship. I have been with him a year and have noticed some things . He is in denial and am hoping someone is fimilar with his behaviors and could point me to where I should be looking for help. Iíll try to be short :
First he hated my 17 year old son said he stole things. And then picked on him for everything even made him walk three hours a day after school to meet friends . Son moved out started blaming daughter for same things ( sheís 14)..before my son moved out he had a great relationship with my daughter. He told me he even broke my sons Xbox because he hated him so much ( we thought for months it was just a defect) now he apologized to my son and blames it all on my daughter. We broke up and he called my daughter friend telling her he always liked her that it was me who didnít like her and that he buys everything for the kids( when itís really me ) he even planted drugs on my daughter. He took a lie decetor and failed . Claims he didnít understand questions. We know he has anger problems and he admits to being very jealous and possessive of me . He tracks me blocks peoples numbers . When we broke up he even called my job got me fired and had my car towed . He claims he did that to relieve my stress from my job . Heís always super obessed with having a family and being in love with me . What is the lies with my kids and why will he not tell the truth . I am not sure if he is safe to be around or if this is a mental disorder we can solve . Anyone been thru similar? I really want to make this work I think he is a good person just has issues . He also said he didnít kill a family pet but when we were arguing called me with the lizard dead and said you have no idea what Iím capable of . He claims he didnít kill it that it died of natural causes but he did dissect after its death because he was bored
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