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Default Re: Experiences starting Lamictal?

Originally Posted by diamondsuite1769 View Post
I was taking 100 mg of Lamictal. Really helped stabilized mood. However, my pdoc upped it because she wanted to see if an increase, of 100mg, would help my depression.
Two days after I was increased, at night, I've begun experiencing, the past 5 nights, the feeling that someone is watching me and the fear of being hurt. Slept with the lights on one night. Now keep bedroom door open with a nightlight while having to take Klonopin to calm me down.
When the pdoc gave me the script, I questioned her on whether I needed to take it step by step. Pdoc told me that is only when you start the med. In another week I will take another 100mg increase.
100mg increase as in from 100mg to 200mg? I'd be careful with that. I'm not a doctor I'll be first to admit that but I work alongside psychiatrists every day and they're always careful about going up on Lamictal 25mg at a time. I don't remember the time between each dose increase, but it usually takes a couple weeks to months to hit the target dose. Not that it'll directly harm you, but if you go up too quickly on it or do things like stop taking it and then start it back again at the same dose, you can put yourself at a greater risk of a life threatening side effect called Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
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