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Default co parenting need advice about the youngest of three boys(14)

I've been very thankful for my ex-husband's girlfriend of 9 years. She adds an element of family to their house and time with him that I can no longer give. I appreciate all she does for them on the outside she seems to be a very caring motherly good person. In the last year or so I've seen a side of her that concerns me. Very childish insulting Behavior towards me but not in front of me only behind my back she will not speak a word to me I'm gathering this is enforced by father. What's coming to light lately is but seems to be almost an unhealthy obsession with him. along with encouraging no sort of chores or responsibilities I now found out she is still picking out as well as laying out his clothes every night for him. I'm not sure how this makes me feel and I'm having a hard time distinguishing possibly my own jealousies from recent primary placement changes in their favor any insight would be appreciated
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