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Default Re: Ketamine infusion

After fighting to refrain from suicidal behavior for 10 years and trying many different meds in many different combinations, I learned that ketamine can be taken intranasally. A compounding pharmacy that is 45 minutes away from me makes it (with a prescription from my regular pdoc). It has been amazing. Indescribable. Miraculous.

It costs me $65/month, I take it weekly. Way cheaper than infusions. I'd have forked out the $ for infusions if I could have found a place to get them-closest place to me is about 3 hours away and of course you have to have a ride home. I take the intranasal ketamine at home, when I am home for the day. I wouldn't want to drive right after taking it (or balance my checkbook) but I am fine by the next morning.
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