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Default Re: Trouble with jobs

Job is just a job. But, to find one that suits you well, you might have to do go through a couple of jobs until you find one that is compatible. I work part-time as a teacher and this suits me well. I just focus on teaching a few hours a day. I am trying to work five days a week just as a part-time teacher. I like teaching because it allows me to be with people and the opportunity to give something back. It also pays. However, you said you are receiving DBT on top of medication. I think you should work with your therapist and have your therapist/group offer some suggestions on what type of work you can or can't do. For me, I received therapy and it did wonders for my compliance with medication. I don't have much problems with teaching now so have never sought therapy about work though. But, you should ask your therapist/group about your strengths and weaknesses. Getting advice from people who know you is best. Also, may be, your family- if they are supportive can offer you some suggestions too. Doing well at a job entails one's abilities to do the job well and one's motivation/ interest in the job itself. You should find jobs you like doing. Of course, we can't all be picky about the jobs we receive. Thus, with each job, you should try to think of it as a learning experience and if it goes well, great and if it does not, it was just an experience. I got into teaching not because I wanted to initially but because teaching was the only job available to me where I was living at the time. I thought of it as a learning experience. Then, I found jobs that allowed me to work with only adults. I really enjoyed these jobs. Thus, I am now teaching only adults and am happy. I wish you the best and continue to persevere!! You have a great attitude and this will go a long way for you!!
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