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Originally Posted by Nike007 View Post
Hi. Trans* male (ftm). I do identify though as androgyne, meaning between male and female gender.

You can be agender, meaning that you don't have gender.

Also, just because you liked the colour blue, cars, trains, and video games, doesn't mean that you are male. You are doing what you like to do. Some females like that stuff too, and are not trans*. You don't have to conform one way or the other. I know people that don't (ie men wearing nail polish, women wearing a suit, etc.).

Do you have any type of dysphoria, whether it is mind, social, or body dysphoria? This means that you don't feel comfortable in one or more of those categories. This can help you discover what your gender identity is.

I hope you find what you are looking for.
Tbh I don't feel comfortable thinking too hard about my gender cause which one I feel like I am fluctuates, on the other hand my brain will quite happily "recognise" my body as either male or female depending on how I feel... It's hard to explain. I've never really fit in with other people apart from a select few though lately this seems to have become less of a problem as as an adult people just consider me "quirky". I don't understand many things I seem to be expected to as a female and my family get frustrated that I don't have the right instincts/drives to perform that gender. I like appearing more masculine/neutral sometimes but will have the odd day where I feel like "being girly" (wearing dresses is about as far as I go with that). So maybe I'm just like fluid or something? It's super confusing
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