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I have been traumatized too and although I consider to be myself a masculine person, I love cute boys.... it's something that makes my heart pound and I am just like 'I am gonna marry him!" I do not know about this... The boy should be very cute (not feminine, but cute as in the sense all girls call him) and unfortunately never been in a relationship with them. They smile at me in that way and all, and I smile back at them in that way, but I know it's them trying to victimize me most of the time. After I usually do some kind of heroic act (act like a badass and control my anxiety long enough to have them think I am some kind psych god), they smile at me and come near me and stuff.

I like boys who are cute in the sense as Lindsey Stirling is cute for her gender in this video. Cannot do anything can we? Unless of course I get a Royal Enfield, wear sunglasses, style my hair, lose some weight, and completely abolish my anxiety, I won't get any of them. Kind of breaks my heart.
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